Spider or Spider Calico?

I can’t tell the difference between spider and spider calico.

I just got a new ball python. I’m told she’s spider calico, but viewing pix online, some spiders look exactly the same as her. Is there a definite tell tale sign that she also has calico? Or is she only spider?
I’m not the best with identifying this stuff.
Thanks in advance!


They can be super hard to tell. Calico is a very variable gene. The white along the belly and sides can stay low on the sides on alow expression animal or ride high up on a high expression animal. When you combine that with the Spider Gene that already has lots of white on the sides, you can loose anything that helps determine the genetics from a visual sense. On most of the Cal Spiders i’ve seen, the white from the belly up the side is a lot more white than speckled and rides much higher up the side of the snake often higher than mid body. The one below is Spider Het Genetic Stripe. You can see all of thr gold and brown freckling thats present from the belly up the side. This has a tendancy to be removed when you add Calico in. So good chance that yours is a Calico Spider.


So the calico just cleans up the white? I can definitely see the difference there.

Do the speckles on her belly correspond with either gene? It seems like belly pattern isnt common with most morphs, from what I’ve noticed.

Thank you for all the info.

Belly pattern does play a factor in determining some genes. But that can also be reduced to such a point by some genes that youbstillncant tell if its there. Pied use to have a definite belly patten that everyone assumed was a genetic marker. Same with the Yellow Belly belly markers but even those have come under some scrutinity. There are several other gignes in the Yellow Belly complex that look very similar. Asphalt, Gravel and Spector are all hard to distinguish from Yello Belly. They are doibg a lot of work with genetic testing using shed skin right now and juat made an announcment about a week ago that we will soon be able to send in shed skin for testing, at a cost, to determine the genetics of our animals. I dont know which genes are available yet, they did say clown and pied as definite tests thay have completed trials for.

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Wow that’s so cool! I bet the testing is going to be crazy expensive though lol.

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I’m on the waiting list for tests. Im sure we will have prices soon and k ow that o ly the larger breeders have been using the sevrice so far. I have 1 morph thats kind of a hidden morph at the moment. I purchased from an importer back in 2009 but havent bred it yet. I had a lot of things get in the way for the last 10 years but getting around to working him in with other females now. Have only found pictures of 1 animal that even resembles it that suprisingly was imported around the same time but cant find out if they have done anything with theirs yet. I want to at least get his genetics cataloged with the rest of the genes.

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That’s super exciting!

Genetic testing costs are now posted. More expensive than i was hoping. No tests for calico yet. Just the big sellers.

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Unless Calico is included in the Morph Panel, but im reading that to imply it’s all of the Het Morphs listed in the single morph tests.

The morph panel is as you assumed, for the ones listed in the individual tests above.

Thats awesome. Hopefully they add to the list quickly.

New news on my Spider Het G Stripe. She’s been inverting for the last couple of days off and on. She had been paired with a Male G Stripe for the last couple of months but i hadn’t witnessed any locks between them. Last time she ate was 10/16 but hasn’t shown much interest in feeding the last couple of weeks. Fingers crossed for eggs.