Spider wobble

I was just looking at a spider clown when I noticed the blue I disclaimer about this animal having the wobble caused by a genetic defect from the spider gene. Last I heard someone was doing a bunch of research on the spider complex and found that this was not a genetic defect but instead had something to do with the development of bines in the like inner ear causing their equilibrium to be off. Unfortunately I am unable to site any sources or provide any further details and am afraid some of that may not be exactly truest information or stated correctly. But i think that is worth investigating. In fact i will do some digging of my own and update as to what I can find.


It basically boils down to it still being a genetic defect as the development of the inner ear is impacted by the spider gene as well as other genes in the same complex.

It’s better understood than it was. Before people more described it like having epilepsy, but we now know it’s more like a vestibular disorder.

The genetic issue is the wobble gene.
Something like a congenital issue, which can be caused by linebreeding but is not genetic, is not the same here. Regardless of how many spiders or complex animals you see without wobble, offspring can still have severe cases of it and it is not currently able to be bred out, only masked over with another gene


As Armiyana correctly states, it is absolutely a genetic defect. Saying that it is a problem with the inner ear and therefore not genetic is like saying Albino is a problem with melanin and therefore not genetic