Spitfire Reticulated Python [DONE]

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Species: retic
Name of Gene: spitfire
First produced by whom: Eric herzog
**Year First Produced:**2014
**Genetics Type (Incdom/Codom/Recessive/Polygenic/etc):**codom
In complex with other genes?:
Other names/aliases for it?:
Description: better version then sunfire. Similar but less random messy dots. More pastel. Floating tail sticks together to the end of the tail, where as sunfire the design fades.

Appearance; What it does/looks like?

  • Head:start of the “sunfire style” design. More clean
  • Body: Carrie’s the pattern of sunfire less distortion. More clean and pastel looking
  • Belly: clean belly
  • Tail: Carrie’s the design to the vary end of the tail and sunfire doesn’t.

Proven Lines: proven multiple times.
**Related Genes:**sunfire is closest to a copy. Lemonglow and sunfire together would copy it closely but still not the same.

Proven: To what degree it is proven out to not just be polygenic? Been breeding lots of times
Unique: Why do you believe this is a new morph and not an existing one? Because nothing comes out like this.

Problems: Any problems? No
History: The history behind its discovery? 2 albinos bred to make lavender and made this too.
Disagreement or Controversy: people say super sunfire but it’s still better and different then that.
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