Splatter Migraine Pastel Clown shed

Splatter Migraine Pastel Clown girl shed out this morning and has literally blown me away. In twenty years of breeding royals this is my biggest highlight so far.

It’s been a slow road with Splatter/Migraine genes but I’m not doing it to get rich or be famous so I’m taking my time. There are some great people working with these genes and are building their bits and pieces ready to put them together and produce some of the best combos we will see. :+1::+1::+1:


She is absolutely beautiful and understandably the highlight of anybody’s collection.
The contrast in the lines against the faded bright yellows is amazing.
She is definitely a top 10 for me, please keep us updated on her as she grows.

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As a separate reply just incase this isn’t allowed.

If you were to sell her, what price range would you be looking for. This isn’t a offer as I can guarantee its out of my price range but just a inquiry. How much would it take to make you part ways?

If pricing questions or such are against the rules then please feel free to remove this and I apologize.

I love her little triangles (is that what they are called?) on her body. Is that what’s considered the migraine or the splatter part of the gene? Sorry if that’s a stupid question - I had never heard of either of those genes until your previous post >.<

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She would not be for sale :+1::+1:

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I can understand why. Thank you for sharing her with us. :grin:

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