Split belly?

Just noticed an odd scale formation …banana pi male …can’t find anything on the internet.


Not sure what it could be. My best advice is taking him to the vet to see if it could become a problem later. Also, he has his mouth open and it almost looks like he has mucus bubbles in his mouth. Does he have an RI?

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No RI this little devil ( not really) just had a bath , he had laid in fecal and smelled sooooo bad he decided to try to hide his head and got some water in his mouth . I was also doing the dawn trick to remove mites , he came to us with mites. All gone now. He’s had a couple sheds no issues. None of us had even noticed it.

I’ve seen something like that on hatchlings where the umbilical closes and I have a couple that still show something like that in the same area as adults but never that high up on the belly, always just near umbilical.

In the photo it looks like the line continues down his belly but w/o the separation.