Spotnose Pied Ball Pythons?

Does anybody have any first hand experience with Spotnose Pieds? From what I’ve seen of them it’s essentially another way to get a pinto pied looking snake, however you almost never see them around despite Spotnose being a much more common gene than Russo. I know super spotnose has some problems and that the pied gene interacts in weird ways with a lot of other genes, so does anybody know of any problems with them? And why so few have been produced compared to Russo Pieds? Thanks for any help

Spotnose pieds are usually very high white to almost completely white, the ones I’ve seen have looked a lot like spider pieds.

I don’t think many people are making them because there’s already plenty of ways to make a pure white/mostly white snake, it’s not really something new/exciting/valuable


That makes sense, I just thought it would’ve been more common than it was. I’d never heard of a Russo before looking up what a “Pinto Pied” was, so when I saw that Spotnose Pieds look somewhat similar, it raised the question of why Russo over Spotnose when the latter is much more commonly bred. I think the partial removal of the pied head pattern is pretty neat either way and if I’m able to do it with a bit more visually impressive gene like Spotnose I’ll probably decide to go that route over Russo. I’m also curious to see how it interacts with pied pattern boosting genes like Pin and Enchi.

Also this is kind of unrelated to the current thread but how bad are people’s experiences with Super Spotnose? I love the look of them but I hear so many horror stories about the combo. And now it’s kinda hard to tell if it’s a spider situation where only a select few have severe wobble or if the vast majority of them have issues. I’m unable to find any real reliable info about them in particular, most articles on the topic talk about potentially problematic genes as a whole.