Spotting Enchi

I had this little male hatch out yesterday, 4 eggs and all 4 had Pinstripe but this ones pattern is just a little bit different than the others. I’m not good at spotting Enchi, does this guy look like he may have Enchi? I know it’s a color difference as well as pattern, but there isn’t a big distinction between the 4 hatchlings. Thanks guys!

Breeding was a Lemonblast Enchi x Normal.

Enchi reduces the pattern and change the color slightly especially on the sides, here is an Enchi PInstripe I produced a few years back for comparaison


Thank you Stewart I appreciate it that definitely helped me determine that the other 3 are the Enchi pinstripes and this one is just a normal Pinstripe :joy: he looked different so I assumed something was up with him.