Spreading snake positivity in unique ways

While I’ve always been an advocate of spreading positive awareness of these animals to slap down what the media says, I’ve been trying to find more ways to make the experience unique and magical for others. In collaboration with groups that have never been around snakes until meeting mine, I’ve been hard at work setting up unique experiences for people to not only learn about these beautiful beings, but to make it one they’ll never forget.

Just wanted to show a few pictures of the start of the many adventures my tubes will be embarking on to get those involved with @usark and keeping the ability to experience these magical animals alive :blue_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That looks crazy with the fire flying behind! Cool pics! Anything anybody can do especially for retics which are on the import ban out of ignorance. No way a snake that takes 84+ days to hatch out can thrive anywhere in the US! That is your super goldenchild? If I am not mistaken. What is the littler one? Is it ogs or marble, albino? I Couldn’t tell from pics, that snake is nice with the bright orange and dark contrast! Also where did this take place?


Who could look away from the glorious Acnologia? Easily the most beautiful snake I know of! You look lovely dressed to match each other!


Yes, this is Acnologia along with my 2 males that were zooming all over the place lol! One is a Mochino Anthrax Tiger and the one that’s barely visible is a Super Shanefire OGS. They were known as the Twin Flames while Accy was the darkness that made them stand out


Thank you! :black_heart::heart_on_fire:

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Beautiful snakes! I love that you’re out there in the community with them. The more “positivity” we can encourage the better. What was this event? It looks amazing.


It was a full moon festival that had fire dancers. After meeting them, I’ve been asked to attend more events with them that can help spread the word about them and the fight we have going on to those outside of the reptile hobby as opposed to those who already know.

I tend to have very positive interactions with people that either have disliked snakes or are fearful of them for any reason. I usually dress myself in ways to mimic their colors in some sort of theme. In doing so, I’m often asked to join group events or come to businesses and such.

It’s something I hope reaches the right eyes and ears! My next step will be to have this type of event for police officers so they can learn more about them and what to do when called about any type of snake!


That’s fabulous! I taught high school for a lot of years and always had classroom pets. These usually included corn snakes. I have done a lot of educational events for various school systems and community things, but you given me an idea. Reaching out to law enforcement is a great thing to do. KUDOS!