SQR pieds and what does SQR mean?

From to random het.s Early on in the beginning of statusquoreptiles I produced 5 visual pieds from a 10 egg clutch 50/50 with 2 hets ain’t bad to start with. But anyway every last one of them had complete dorsal stripes,so I kept all but 1 male so 3.1 went into my rack. Bred mom again the following year to a different het.male she gave 9 eggs 3 visual nana pieds all with striped dorsal. I knew I was on to something, sucky part they all died 1 day out the egg (incubator issues,the move to the new house didnt go will for the eggs in the bator). Never the less fast forward a bit I’ve bred one of the offspring this year to the same male I bred mom to her second year around (nana het.pied) what do you know 4 visual pieds 3 of those have complete dorsal stripe. Which leaves me to believe its genetic in this line of pieds. Since dad is not from the original pair of hets 1 of the 4 pieds do not have that distinct tell sign of dorsal like the rest. (My Opinion on the ratio)
This trait has been proven in my own eyes and I’m going to love proving it out over the next few years. More pics to come


@statusquoreptiles what a killer project! Love that dorsal striping…

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Some of the offspring


Very nice. I love striping, especially in pieds. My very first snake was this guy:

This is Alex. His striping is broken up in a few places, but I love the black ring around his neck. Unfortunately, I can’t get him to breed for me. He loves his rats and doesn’t care much for the ladies, so I don’t know if his look is genetic or not.

I think your line has a lot of potential and I’d like to know if you plan on making any babies available in the future. Send me a PM? If there’s a waiting list I’d like to be on it.

As of right now I’m still working the hell out the project but I’ll keep this in mind

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