Staple Morphs

What morphs do you consider staple to a breeding collection? And why?

Me. I think pastel is definitely one. Fire is another. I can use either one of those to prove out genetics of other suspected morphs.

I think it depends what your goals are. I avoid pastel like the plague, and will pay more for a snake not to have it because it’s literally in everything. Both morphs are so “dime a dozen, everyone has one” that I prefer to not create more fire/pastel combos. You can prove out a morph with literally anything, and if it’s not pastel/fire, you’re a lot more likely to create something exciting/novel


While I’d agree with you in most instances about pastel, you cant beat it with Desert Ghost. Pastel is probably the brightest gene you can use with DG and it doesnt fade, but intensifies with age.


I will concede it looks fantastic with desert ghost, and also seems to work well with axanthic lines at maintaining the silvery tones. As part of a well thought out pairing to enhance certain colors both morphs do have benefits, but more often than not I see them being overbred because they’re cheap, easy to acquire, and in everything. A browned out firefly is pretty much the “craigslist special”


I agree that you have to look at your goals to know what morphs you want as your staples


Gotta have a blue eyed luecistic morph type. Most people prefer Mojave, and they are great! I recommend a phantom/mystic myself, just because the supers have pattern still but if you breed them with another bel morph like lesser you get a higher all white snake then Mojave x Mojave. Also it adds so much pattern disruption/change to anything from a pastel to a het red axanthic. Great versatility with them. Pic out high quality looking ones, some tend to look super close to Mojaves sometimes. Just my opinion. Other then that recessives are the way most breeders like to go because they hold their value a lot better. Pic of phantom, super phantom, coral glow, karma (phantom, lesser)


For me when proving out an animal i always use my pieds the first year and albinos the second then at least i have more hets and a better understanding of whats going on and both of my proving pairs are single gene recessive


Yes proving new or existing genes is great with a single recessive gene animal, that way you at least have a bunch of definite hets. Just remember when proving out a new gene or dinker type, some gene that you don’t know what it will 100% do- you may get some visual influence from the recessive gene in some cases.