I’m glad I read the article about stargazing and periscoping. Im a first time snake owner. I just got my python , Jackson, and was worried about his behavior. Im glad to see that it’s normal curiosity. He is shedding, however.


What a cutie! May I offer some husbandry suggestions to help?


Hi, welcome to the community :slight_smile:
To start make sure he has enough humidity, it will be more clear whats going on after the shed.
How long has it been like that, if too long maybe its a stuck shed that needs to come off.
If so we cold help with that,


Hello and welcome to the forum @april1489 April! Yep Mr Jackson thinks he’s a periscope! Looks like a couple of people have offered some shedding advice to help him get rid of that old skin. One of my babies for some reason has a rough time with her sheds but hopefully I have adjusted the humidity enough that she will be able to “de shed” herself without any help from me!

Anyhoo glad glad you and Jackson have found us! :pray::blush: