Started using Mazuri and production went down

Hello everyone. Just like the title says, I started using Mazuri and my production went way down. I used to use cheap dog food and table scraps for food but after researching I found out that wasn’t a good idea. I was getting tons of babies though anywhere from 12-16 babies per litter on average. I switched to Mazuri Rat and Mouse about 6 months ago and now I’m lucky to get 4 babies per litter. Half my colony is about a year old and the rest are younger. Any advise would be great. Thanks for reading.

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Try Mazuri 6F, it’s made for breeding. And if you’re suffering losses that result in your low litter counts, you’ll need to increase your rat’s protein intake. Eggs are a great way to do this, for example.

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I have fed a steady diet of dog food and have done a diet of mazuri. I find overall health and production is much better when feeding mazuri. The other thing to keep in mind if you are continually breeding your females there litter size will decrease. They will also decrease as your rats age. Constantly rotating your female stock will keep your litter sizes larger. If your females production nose dives usually it’s time to replace them with a younger female. But if you use to young of a female you will get smaller litters.