Starter Morph Pack

Good morning everyone!

Thought I would make a fun forum game. You get to choose three morphs for your starter pack (pretend like you’re just jumping into the hobby). With these three morphs you have to choose what you would breed them to.

So, if you could go back in time (and retain all your current knowledge) what morphs would you choose, what would you breed them to, and why did you choose those morphs? Your “starter” morphs can include hets as well!

My three would be:

I think I would breed to hets mostly (maybe het piedball or clown) and move on from there. I chose those three morphs because I enjoy the way they look, and they always make cute babies >.<

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If I’m getting the rules right my choices would be.

  1. Piebald Het Lavender albino
  2. Lavender Albino Het ~banana~ I’m a idiot.
  3. Banana Het piebald

With them 3 I could produce a whole lot of combinations that are on my wanted list in the future.

Banana pied
Banana Lavender
And a whole lot of piebalds, lavenders and bananas.

And eventually a Banana dreamsicle

I’m pretty happy overall with how I’ve started my collection out but if I could change one thing I would have started immediately getting clown and probably skipped hypo for now.

Hmmmm…Pastel super pastel if I’m allowed to be greedy.

Single gene pastel clowns are very nice, it goes very well with pied as well.

“Het Banana???” Nanners arent ressecive


Is this a single gene game or no???I cant go till I know all the RULES…the way you started seemed to mean single gene animals…or are we playing both ways??? Single gene favorites are Clown DG AND MONARCH

If we talking combos unlimited budget…I’m goimg Super ASHphalt het clown…Freeway pied Clown…and a Hypo ENCHI ODYBDG PIED LAV ALBINO CLOWN het MONARCH het MONSOON

Damn, I didn’t think that through very well. It was just a on the spot :roll_eyes:

Lol helluva “starter set” hehe

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Yeah I dont even know if that last one will even exist for another 10 years…maybe never

You have unlimited morphs available at your disposal!