Starting a breeding collection but need some pointers

Hello all. Some quick background my cousin was a breeder when I was very young and he passed away before I was a teen. I always loved all things reptile because of him and wanted to follow in his foot steps. Im slowly building a connection and want to become a breeder. My question to everyone on here is where should i start? Should i buy the female ball pythons and get them up to speed or the males? Or both. I already have a firefly yellowbelly male and a pewter female. I plan on buying a male and female pair that are proven breeders but I want raise young ones to respect the process and build a connection the same way i watched my cousin. Sorry this post is long and all over the place ive never used a blog site I normally just read everything on them.

Definitely start out with females for your projects if you’re going to get younger ones! Otherwise it won’t matter too much if you’re getting proven breeders/adult size animals :grin:


I agree with @trnreptiles from above, but also focus on the morphs you really like AND start small. Don’t go out and buy a dozen snakes with all sorts of different morphs and then try to see what you can make with them. Get something you like and can stay passionate about and go from there. Also look up breeders on Instagram and start making connections that way. It’s very welcoming!


Agree with everyone here. Do some research and find a project you love, there’s a lot of great stuff that can mix with what you already have.

Personally I love starting with babies. I think it is the best and most rewarding way to go, even if it requires a little more time and patience. And I would start with females for at least the first year then look at males.

It’s nice that you can honor and remember your cousin through your hobby. Good luck!


Start small. It may be tempting to get a lot of animals to start but I wish I had focused in on getting a couple high end animals instead of many medium/low end animals when I started. Pick something you love and work in a goal-oriented fashion by figuring out what you want to produce and getting animals to meet those goals.

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Thanks! It looks like everyone agrees on getting females I appreciate the input. I couldn’t find a definitive answer on what sex to get

Yeah I got the bug and almost went crazy buying a bunch but I think I’m gonna focus on yellow morphs they look super cool to me


Everyone kind of hit the nail on the head saying stay small, and grab females first. Be very very picky buying your animals. Do not rush purchasing them. Quality animals are what you are looking for. Nothing but the very best examples of the morph. I spent 3 years searching for the perfect blade clown male. I had a very specific imagine in my mind of what I wanted my animal to look like, and I didn’t settle finding him. Now he produces amazing quality animals for me, and sure it put me behind in the clown game, but I’m not doing this for money. I’m doing this because this is my zen. I throughly enjoy spending time with my animals, and their babies. I’ve been keeping 10 years breeding over 5, and I’m still in the red :joy::joy::joy: which is perfectly fine with me. This is an amazing hobby. Enjoy your animals. Enjoy them as pets not stock. Keep a small collection so you can keep a strict routine down with your animals.