Still locking 🥰

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Still a few locking :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

  1. Leopard Candy PH Pied x Pied.
  2. Mojave Pied Het Ghost x Pied.
  3. Coral Glow (female maker) Spinnerblast Het Pied x Phantom Gravel.
  4. Leopard Clown x Spotnose Het Clown.
  5. Banana Clown x Leopard Pastel 66% het Clown.
  6. D/H Tornado Sandstorm x P/D/H Tornado Sandstorm.
  7. Tornado x Multi Gene Desert Ghost.
  8. Super Gravel x Highway.
  9. Pied LemonBlast x Coral Glow Enchi Pied.
  10. GHI Mojave x Yellowbelly.
  11. Super Pastel Desert Ghost x Het Desert Ghost.


How many locks do you get or try to go for on average per female per season?


We are fortunate to have a scanner so we start pairing once a females follicles get to 1.2cm and then pair once a month for 3days and in a perfect world her follicles will grow 1cm per month and then she should ovulate around 4-4.5cm
But if slower to start etc just keep pairing every month for the 3days until you see an ovulation or eggs :slight_smile: