Stimson's Python on Eggs!

This is our female Stimson’s Python “Mist” on her first clutch of eggs. You can’t see them because she has beehived all around them, but there are at least 9 in there, as well as the two rejected duds that can be seen off to the sides. She is the first female python we have bred since forming West Ridge Reptiles, unless you count Calabaria as pythons, which we don’t. Stimson’s Pythons are found only in Australia and are one of the smallest pythons in the world. Mist is at least 5-6 years old and is smaller than most Corn Snakes! Stimson’s Pythons are super easy to care for once they are established, much easier than a Ball Python. We consider them among the best beginner pythons.


That is great. Congrats on the successful breeding.


Thanks! We are super excited to see these teeny babies come out.


Man that is super awesome. Looking forward to baby pictures, too.


Congratulations on that precious little stimie sitting on her first pile of eggs! She looks like a precious little mom!

Stimson pythons are such cool little snakes! I had one years ago. He was docile and a great little eater! I agree that a Stimson python makes a way better beginner/starter snake than a BP. A lot easier to take care of all the way around.

Can’t wait for pictures!!! :snake::blush::+1:


Hi this is my first time here and came across yor post about 8 months ago about the Stimsons Python on Eggs. Is there updates, maybe ive missed? Thank you :blush:

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Unfortunately, this clutch of eggs did not hatch. Whether we made a mistake in incubating them, or whether they were never good, we are not sure. However, the parents have just come out of brumation and are showing good weight, so we intend to pair them again soon.