Stimson's removed from Children's category

I was wondering why all the Stimson’s Pythons were removed from the Children’s Python category when Stimson’s are Children’s


I dont believe thats something MorphMarket has done but rather that the sellers have just listed them in Other Pythons not realising… i believe there is only 2 sellers right now doing this, right?


The paper claiming that Stimmy’s are just Children’s is a total train-wreck and no one that works with either of them accepts it as valid…


I thought it was more than 2 sellers. I just know that there were quite a few in the children’s category and then the next day all of them were moved

Just curious (not challenging), why do you say the paper was a train-wreck? My PubMed subscription expired, so I’ve only read the abstract. So I’m curious what was wrong with it. It’s been a while, but I know the journal (Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution) is well regarded in the evolutionary bio world.

Short short version is that the authors are very much “lumpers” and they over-assumed similarities while under-valuing differences