Stimulating the economy!

I have some wonderful additions coming in next week! A male Scaleless het Caramel ph Amel Motley and Terazzo. Finally settled on the name Surakos for him. Pictures courtesy of the co-breeder.

And 0.1 het Scaleless Caramel ph Amel Motley Terazzo, about settled on the name Tanar.


I’m so jealous! Those are beauties! I’ve been working towards producing some scaless corns myself.

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I had a female visual, loved that snake! But she passed away, so I’ve been looking to get another. I have a male Sunkissed het Scaleless, poss het Amel and Caramel. But I was offered these and even though the male is the visual, I got thinking about it. My Palmetto also coming is poss het Caramel and Amel, so the 4 of them could produce some very interesting 12-15 year projects and I couldn’t pass them up, lol. Though I am now banned from looking at reptile classifieds until we can sell quite a lot later this year!

They are here! And a last minute addition from another seller.

Tanar. She is a total sweat heart so far!

And Iselle, female Scaleless poss het Amel.


And my last indulgence arrived today, Ashara. She seems to have a very sweet temperament so far. Very happy with her!


Nice addition! Is the darker side of her face paradoxing or just her pattern?

Just her pattern. Though the markings on her face are why I picked her.

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Awesome looking additions! Iselle is a phenomenal looking scaleless. All are gorgeous. You have a good eye…

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Surakos just shed and was looking good, so I grabbed a quick video.