Stinger x Striped Oreo het Zulu

Hi guys! Question about morphs and breeding:

I have a Male Stinger and a Striped Female Oreo het Zulu. What kind of morphs will I be expecting? Thank you in advance!

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Welcome to the forum!

This section of the forum is for issues related to the MorphMarket Marketplace. I think you’d have better luck asking the question in the Gecko section. :wink:

You should make a post in the Introductions section with some pics of your animals! I have an AFT myself, they are awesome!

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From looking, stinger and zero is the same thing but zero has a stripe, it’s also recessive.

So you’d get wild types 100% het Oreo, 100% het stinger and 50% het Zulu.

So it’s worth finding fatties het for Oreo, Zulu or stinger if you want to produce visuals.