Stopping by to say hi!

Hello everyone.

I’ve been keeping snakes for about 6 years now.

It started with a Ghost Ball python, then my GF picked up an albino boa at the Arlington NARBC, and the addiction started taking hold.

I picked up a rack, and a male BP from @john Lehmann
to complete the BP pare. lol

This was back before MorphMarket was out, and look at it now!

You’ll be happy to know @john, Blaze is doing fine, and just fauthered our first clutch!

She laid 7 eggs, but we’ve lost a few. :frowning:
Incubating eggs isn’t as simple as I thought it would be. lol

I’m more into boas my self, my GF likes the BP’s.

We are also expecting our first Boa litter soon, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that!

Me and my GF are both blind reptile keepers, so I don’t try to take as many photos as I probably should to share, or if I do and they look funny… that’s why. lol

We do have a website though, it’s

Not sure how bad it really looks compared to other sites, so if I come across anyone on the forums that could help with letting me know how to improve the website, visually, that would be cool.
Picture taking, uploading, sizing, it’s all greek to me for the most part.

We are wondering if we might be the first people to breed snakes blind?

I think that sums everything up I think.


@taylor_s What a nice trip down memory lane. Blaze was a Hypo Pastel from Garrick Demeyer. I feel like I have run into you twice, maybe at an NARBC as well. Congrats on the clutch and your pic looks fine.

So glad to have you in this community!

Good idea to be producing care sheets and things on your website for the blind. Maybe someone in this community will be able to connect you to others whom you don’t know about.

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The way we keep the snakes are probably pretty much the same for most people, the big things are finding the tools to help you know that you are keeping the snakes correctly.

Talking Temp guns aren’t easy to find. Not to mention expensive. lol

Talking indoor/outdoor thermometers can also make checking temperatures for certain things possible.
I’m using one of those to check my egg tub in the incubator currently.

Haven’t found a great heating thermostat, but some are useable. lol

If you have eyeballs that work that can help, that usually works the easiest. :wink:

If anyone reading ever has a question, feel free to ask!

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Hi! Actually I didn‘t think it would be possible to keep and breed snakes when you are blind! Great to read that I was wrong. I am wondering how you guys are feeding your snakes without seeing them and without getting tagged all the time.:thinking: Are you using a rack system. And do you feed live or defrost?

We use both racks, and Boaphile cages.

Feeding accidents luckily don’t happen all that often, but every once in a while, you might get a surprise.

The way we feed is by letting the rats thaw in a different room.
We don’t want the snakes ready to spring out as soon as they are opened if we can help it. lol

We also feed the snakes that usually have a stronger feed response first.

For example, our SD Retic always gets fed first.


I actually do put on a leather jacket and gloves when feeding her.

It has been a while since shes grabbed me, but it doesn’t take but once before you go “Crap, that sucked, I don’t want to do that again!” lol.

So basically you try to open the cage/tub just enough to get the rat in, and close it as quick as you can.

I’ve only had to offer a live rat once or twice, and had somebody help watch to see what was going on.

So I don’t have enough experience feeding live to have much of a system worked out.

I can say feeding F/T is easier.

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