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I noticed last night after receiving a review that not all of my store ratings are showing in my overall ‘review count’. I just wanted to know if this was because some ratings are from the same buyer for different animals? I see it says counts for public feedback only, where can I find private feedback?

I show 20 on my page, but I technically have 26 positive reviews. Sorry if this has been asked before!


On my mobile so maybe that’s why my page looks different (or because I’m just basic. Lol) but it’s under detailed ratings for me. Highlighted in pink at the bottom


Thank you for showing that to me! Just checked it out as well. I can’t believe I’ve never seen that before LOL. I don’t have anything hidden, so I wonder if the number shown is because of repeat customers :thinking:


Yep. You only get one point per customer, not sale.
All of the reviews are visible but they dont count towards the overall score.

This is to stop 2 store basically switching stock and leaving a rating for each animal… you be suprised.


That makes a lot of sense. It does make sense to keep ratings from going overboard with sneaky tactics and breeding swaps.

For smaller businesses with repeat customers it is a bit of a hindrance. So I guess a couple questions to follow up:
-Does it take into account the first feedback only or does the newest feedback cancel out previous? For example, should Anna’s newest feedback have ‘repeat customer!’. Is that the one that shows?

-Is a sales history counter a feasible thing to have? Like under feedback have a blurb like “25 reviews out of 29 sales”. That way buyers can still get an idea on how much a seller is moving.

-can we add the fact that multiple purchases from the same buyer are counted as a single feedback to the page or as an information link? That way it is listed somewhere visible. Unless it already is and I missed it. Hahah


All feedback is visible, but only the first will be counted towards the overall score.

I like the idea but im not sure this would give accurate data as some sellers use a single ad to sell multiple animals using the Representative Photo tag. They could sell 200 frogs for example, through 1 listing, to 200 diffrent buyers, but can only get one rating per listing.

I’ll make a ticket for this though as it may be workable.

Rating System Overview - MorphMarket Support Center It is mentioned here, but I agree that its not very clear on its meaning.


" * Overall Rating Score: represents the general experience level of the seller. It is the number of users who have left a positive rating minus the number of users who have left a negative rating."

" Overall Rating Score: represents the general experience level of the seller. It is the number of individual users who have left a positive rating minus the number who have left a negative rating."


That’s already much more clear! Thanks Thomas. =D


This one actually feels wrong for that particular situation, but that may be my experience in selling work as an artist. It’s also a tough call on how to properly rate since it is live animals and such…

For example, let’s say they have the 200 up for sale, but 100 are poor representations or sickly. The 1:200 rating goes to the positive…but the others who had a negative or neutral review wouldn’t be counted.

That WOULD still fall on the buyer to look through feedbacks. It is something you should do regardless, but it does skew the quick overview to look more positive than the seller actually is. Which I think is important since one of the search features is through ratings.
I don’t know if maybe something like a negative rating having more impact than positive would be the right answer or if that’s more discriminatory. It’s a tough call.

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There will also be a new ( ? ) bubble with the same line of text, next to Overall Score :blush:

Great feedback guys

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When I click on either one of these two bubbles…

I get this message


:rofl: of course :rofl:


At this point I feel like John should make me a beta tester :joy:


Cant be from the same buyer. Theres one breeder that ive bought 12 snakes from, and left 12 reviews. And all 12 show up on his ratings page.
Im guessing that MorphMarket revamping the site still has its glitches here and there. Im guessing theyre working on it…

Yep the ratings will show, however only one of them will be counted towards the sellers “Overall Score”.

Please create a Bug Report for any glitches you are seeing.

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