Store Search Filters, Options

It would be nice if when you clicked on STORES you could filter the results. By state would be great. I would really like to limit seeing stores with low ratings. Also a lot of the same filter options in the trait search could be transferred to store search to reduce the number of results. It would be nice to be able to filter the stores and see the animals they are selling rather than having to click on each store.


I think these are good ideas. Depending on the state you might be able to stay within the state by setting your location as the capital and a radius that covers the entire state (this won’t work for every state, like California).

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I do like the idea of having filters/sort-by in the store directory!

So whats in this…?

  • Filter by State

  • Filter by Species

  • Filter by Trait

  • Sort by Closest

  • Sort by Ratings


This might not go with this thread very well but I think it would help with the proposed ideas. Could we made additional filters and have it show both in the search results? For example, we could set that it only shows spider, pastel, albino and spider, pastel, het albino. Or have additional genes which would save lots of time having to make separate searches. For example, it could be set to show albino, het axanthic and het albino, axanthic. I think this would be very helpful for finding morphs. This is what I’m thinking:

You can ignore the AND/OR, I don’t think that would really help.

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