Store Search / 'List Stores By' option? [#1153]

Would it be possible to have an option to list sellers/stores/breeder by different factors? Such as number of animals available, distance from my location, rating, legnth of time as a member etc. Features like this would be useful for people who only want to buy locally, or maybe buy a large amount of animals at one time. Another, related feature request would be on the map where you have the key that shows different colored icons denoting how many ads the seller has, if that could be made an interactive key so if you select one, the sellers not fitting that description are removed.


Yes, we call this Store Search. It’s issue #1153 in our private tracking system.


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I would like to see filtering or sorting of stores by 1) number of ratings and/or 2) the % of positive ratings. Thanks, Bill @ Bradford Cole.