Strange Ivory and Superstripe

I recently hatched a strange ivory and Superstripe. There were 4 eggs and two of the eggs look exactly like mom and dad and the other two threw a colorful ivory with a lot of head pattern and patterned Superstripe. The pairing was Superstripe pos SK axanthic x Ivory pos HGW. Does anyone know what my babies might be or what is going on?
First photo is of the clutch. The top are the anomalies. The bottom photo is the parents.


Here is an example of one of the two recent Ivories that I hatched from a proven Ivory and what w the s supposed to. e an asphalt. Still trying to get the lighting right to show all the patterning.

This was the female.

If I were to hazard a guess the superstripe has HGW.

The ivory it is hard to tell maybe black light and see if anything shows up.


Thank you! With the pairing I guess that is what it would have to be. Some people were suggesting Enchi, but both of the people I got the parents from believe that isn’t possible. You have a beautiful ivory there too! It stinks that it’s so hard to tell what’s in all of the white snakes we love to produce!I added some more photos because I love to look at them. The ivory boys head stamp is so beautiful.

Absolutely gorgous babies. :heart:

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Thank you! I’m excited to have more soon!