Strange “pustule” on male Dubia roach

I was doing some minor maintenance on my colony when I noticed amongst the males this one had a huge, yellow, liquid-filled pustule in his wing. I removed him and put him in the freezer to euthanize and dispose of to avoid making any animals sick. No other roaches have this or any sign of it - I have a small colony so luckily it’s easy to check. Anyone know what it is and if it’s infectious?

If it were me I’d cut it open to see what is inside. It could be from another dubia trying to eat it’s wing and it healing back infected.

That’s what I’m hoping! I’ll do an autopsy on the roach in a couple hours and see what it is.

I cut open the strange thing and it seems to be just poorly healed thank goodness! There was no foreign bodies in the pus, and it only was on the wing. Thank goodness!


Now you can add roach forensic pathologist to your resume!!

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