Stressed out over which Uva and Uvb bulb for Tegus

I have been really stressed out lately over which type of bulbs work for tegus, I have been doing research for days, and after every day I feel more stressed out.

I want to spend my money wisely, and not buy something that will burn out in under three months or less.

I read that the Arcadia Reptiles, is a good company to buy from, and I think it would be smart to buy the 14% Dragon t5 uvb bulb, and holder. The thing is I dont know who I should buy it from, I live in the USA, where our sockets are different from those in the Uk, Im afraid of buying the product, and seeing that it wont fit into my house socket, being useless. So where should I buy the holder from?

I know the Megarey brand is good, for bulb wise, but I also want to know if there are any other brands that have good uva output, instead of both. I also feel anxious about the type of holders, I know I need one with a ceramic socket, I just dont know which one lasts the best, and or is most durable.

Whats the kind of lighting do you guys use for your tegus or other high using basking type of reptiles.

Which one is most effective at making your reptile stay healthy, with sufficient heat, (not likely to go broke and get up to 150+ degrees and burn your reptile)

Which bulb lasts the longest?

Thank you for your time.

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I can’t answer your questions about which bulb to use, but I can say that no bulb is going to overheat your reptile if you are using a thermostat, which is essential with any heating element. Using heat bulbs without one is unsafe. Don’t cheap out on your thermostat. If you choose a high-quality thermostat like Vivarium Electronics or Herpstat, the risk of failure is quite low.


I really like the Arcadia UVB bulbs. I get them from pangea, light your reptile or reptile basics. Whoever has the best price or has them in. I’m in the US too and have no problem plugging them into a standard outlet.


Thank you so much! :")