Stricter Maturity Enforcement [2064]

Not a bug as much as a setting that could be tweaked. My juvenile ball pythons, with weights like 200-300g are all auto filling as ‘Subadult’ rather than ‘baby’ or ‘juvenile’

This caused a bit of confusion when somebody drove 2 hours to meet me to pickup an animal that was listed at 200g but they thought it was a subadult because of the listing I hadnt noticed.

Maybe we can fix that so subadult starts around 500-600 grams perhaps?



Thank you Mike!!

This is something we have plans to update in the near future.

Where would you personally put the cut off for each maturity group?

Does the below sound feasible?

Baby/Juvinile = anything below 500g
Subadult = anything between 501g - 1000g
Adult = 1001g +


I actually determine my maturity by age and not weight:

Twelve months or less = Juvie
One to two years (or three years depending on species) = subadult
Two to three years + = adult


Maybe we just remove the autofill and make maturity a mandatory field when importing? :thinking:


I also agree with that, age and not weight.


I like that idea


I think making it mandatory sounds good in practice but I could see deceitful people using it to their advantage. Is weight a requirement? If it isn’t I think this could be used a lot by not honest sellers. If it is I still think it could result in the same problem.
Overall, I like it being mandatory since it offers a bit more freedom and most sellers will use it well, even though everybody has a different idea of the categories.

Not sure if it relates directly to the maturity field requirement or a performance problem with the site right now or a compatible issue with my iPhone SE but I just spent a lot of time trying to enter an ad using the app and couldn’t because the scrolling arrows aren’t working for me. Every now and then would randomly populate a month or day for birth with lots of clicking but couldn’t seem to make a maturity selection. Off to try rebooting and maybe see if I can get to auto populate from original title.

Sorry, probably not site related. After rebooting my phone the selection arrows worked again and I was able to create ads.

It was interesting that I had to put adult rather than subadult for the males of the same size I put down as proven breeders. Which brings up another terminology question. Is “proven” just observed locks or does it require good eggs? Is it different for males and females? Or do you need successfully hatched eggs to be proven?

Proven usually means that they are proven to be able to bred. Which means that they have produced viable babies. So they would need to have been the parent of a clutch.

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