Struggling with what to get

I just called my local reptile store and they do have a 120 Gal available in a PVC enclosure with a bunch of features for an affordable price. I do have a 35 Gal but I do want to get into breeding one day so I will probably use it as an emergency/baby enclosure, plus it isn’t large enough for a whole lot.
So, I was wondering what you recommend, I do have some experience caring for reptiles as I have a Crested Gecko and an MBK


What species are you wanting to get into keeping? I would start there, and then look at what you need to house/breed them. The research phase is always the longest most in depth phase of getting into any reptiles or any hobby for that matter.

Is a 120 gallon essentially a 4x2x2? (I think so, from my fish keeping days that sounds accurate) There’s a lot that can fit into that size enclosure


My problem is that I’m split between a few things. The top three being: Ball Python, Blue Tongued Skink, or Bearded Dragon


Of those 3 a Blue Tongue would be my suggestion. Easy to keep but a lot more interactive than a ball python. Bearded dragons are ok but they’re not the entry level species they’re made out to be.


I’d agree with @ballornothing. Not that I’ve kept blue tongues; but I keep balls and there’s not a lot of interactions going on with them. They live up to their name. Occasionally you may find one that likes to be out and about, but usually it’s going to be attributed to stress when this is happening.

Bearded dragons are a lot more involved than either of the other species you mentioned.


I do have a lot of time available to dedicate and I know a decent amount about each, the temperaments don’t bother me and I’ve always been extremely interested in each. Which is why I’m so torn.


If breeding is your eventual goal, blue tongue skinks would probably be the best option there as well, since bearded dragons and ball pythons already have so many people breeding them. I don’t know what the BTS market is like, but finding homes for baby beardies or balls might be more difficult.


Also if you do go the ball python breeding rout, I would suggest rack systems not large 4 x 2 cages. Although ball pythons can be kept and thrive in them it is much easier to keep all the environmental factors accurate for multiple snakes as well as making them feel more secure and less stressed out in rack systems


So for what it’s worth, I went to an expo today and there were TONS of ball pythons as well as some beardies. There were no baby blue tongue skinks. If I were a breeder, I would go with something the reptile market is not totally saturated with. If I am not mistaken, there are over over 43,000 ball pythons listed on MM alone.

Just sayin………. :blush: