Stuck on some unexpected results

So I was expecting a varied clutch due to the amount of morphs in the pairing but I’m struggling with 2 of these (unless there is a morph hiding not aware of)

Bumblebee het Clown x Pastel Enchi Cinnamon




  1. Super Pastel ???

  2. Super Pastel ???

  3. Pastel Cinnamon

  4. Super Pastel Cinnamon

  5. Bumblebee (Enchi?)

  6. Bumblebee (Enchi?)

  7. Cinnamon

Think I have 3-7 nailed, just unsure if Enchi in both the bumblebee.

But 1 & 2 I’m struggling to think of what the combination would be.

Thanks in advance.


I believe both 1 and 2 have cinnamon and spider present.


Enchi and Cinnamon are allelic so all of the babies will have either Enchi or Cinnamon in them, so those Bumblebees do definitely have Enchi. I agree with @graysnake that 1 and 2 have Cinnamon and Spider. Those are some beautiful babies, btw!


Thanks for that.

I did think both 1 & 2 had cinnamon, spider was my next port of call but I couldn’t think what else as they are both so vastly different to each other I couldn’t work out what could be different.

I know they can all be different but I didn’t expect them to be so different yet the same.

Will have to get a picture of them side by side to show how different they are


Congratulations on a really awesome clutch! I would take any of them but #1 is my favorite! :star_struck::wink::+1:



I love number 1 aswell, really like the contrast between the dark and light colours.

Here is a pic of 1 and 2 next to each other to show the contrast between the two of them.

I had forgotten Enchi and Cinnamon were alleluia so assumed number 8 that I didn’t even post was a normal.

The difference between these 2 cinnamons is quite striking aswell.


If I had to guess you’re also seeing some variation due to the het clown. With one parent being het all the babies are 50% het. So it could be interesting to she’d test them for het clown to see if that’s causing the difference you’re seeing as well.