Stuck shed need advice

Well had stuck shed for the first time. I guess I did something wrong. 3 out 4 snakes and the only 1 gets stuck shed.
Any who what’s the best way to handle this ? A quick 30 min soak then start to help peel away the remaining. ? Advice is welcomed gents.

Ps ive never dealt with this in the green trees and im very fraglie on how i handle them so im just looking for advice.


How bad is it? A little or a lot? I would soak the snake for a few minutes in tepid water. Then wet a wash cloth thoroughly with warm water and gently wring out the excess water. Then holding the washcloth let the snake gently sliver through it in your hands concentrating on the stuck shed parts a bit more.

You may have to do this for a few days in a row to get rid of all the shed, depending upon how much there is of it.

You mentioned something about fragile handling? so you may not be able to do the washcloth part?

I have found that just soaking the snake doesn’t always take care of all of the stuck parts, hence the washcloth part lastly does the trick for me .

Best of luck to you! :blush::snake:


Seeing its still under a year old ,im not a big fan of handling it.
Now my carpets and scurbs different story. But with my green trees i wait till full green before i do any hands on.

I did do a soak tonight. And let it run through a washcloth. Its not to bad but still something ill like to address asap.


Maybe you could set up a ‘sphagnum moss humid hide’ style soak? Just take a soak container, fill it with dampened spagnum moss, (maybe a rough rock) and sit them in there, perch and all, for a couple of hours. If all goes well it should rehydrate and that plus the sensory might trigger them to start taking it off himself.

I’ve also seen clear Orbees used in this way on GTP’s by NERD. Apparently it’s much more effective than plain water, they can’t drown in it, so it can fully envelope them for maximum effect. Also the feeling of being enclosed in the orbees may serve to satisfy cryptic needs and help them feel more comfortable than typical soaks.


I like the idea of a rain chamber. Essentially it is an enclosure that has no substrate besides water with the heater in the base and tubing that pipes the water to the top were the water actually “rains “down. I’ve heard of the Orbeez idea as well. I haven’t met anyone that’s actually used it, but definitely might be something to look into.


I would consider the damp pillow case method so it is kept in contact with the fabric but not being handled directly. Good luck


THose are great ideas! I have a skittish snake whose tiny tub I filled with rather wet sphagnum moss, So most of it was damp, and he still had access to dry areas, heat, and coolness. That seemed to give him enough moisture.

So maybe you could put your GTP a bin with a warmish end, and full of wet/damp moss for a few hours?


What is the pillowcase method?


You soak a pillow case, wring the water out so it’s just damp. Put the animal in the case, tie it closed, put it into the animals enclosure so it stays warm. Leave them for a good half hour.


Huh! I can see how that would help to rehydrate their skin and reduce stress. Do you think they will remove the shed on their own with this method?

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They often will remove quite a bit of stuck shed this way since they’re in contact with the case

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