Stuck Shed on head

There are two very tiny small pieces of shed stuck on my ball pythons head. Should I try and remove them ? Or just let them fall off in the next shed cycle?

Would you mind posting pictures of the stuck shed? That would help all of us come up with the best opinion. Thank you for your time.


I’m not seeing too much stuck shed in those photos. I personally wouldn’t try to remove it. I would just ensure humidity is a little higher during the next shed cycle and it will come off then. If it becomes a regular issue you may need to do a soak but the underlying cause of excessively low humidity will need to be addressed.


I’m not seeing any stuck shed either. I’d leave it alone.

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Just saw this lol, you are all good and definitely @biologicalcanvas advice is good :blush:.


Its hard to see any stuck shed, but I can see old damage to the skin on the head or old scaring (that’s if its not a scale less head)
Injury or old scaring in its self can sometimes causes a few scales being stubborn to shed.
Otherwise what they said :arrow_down: + maybe a slightly wet snake bag for no more than an hour at a time. We dont want to reduce O2 flow for too long with that method.