Stuck Shed On Toes Crested Gecko Baby

My baby here is about a month old and i noticed his feet have not only stuck shed but really bad stuck shed- any advice? Thanks


there are multiple necrotic toes. You need higher humidity and I would book a vet visit as there is potential for infection. Did you produce this animal? Has it shed in your care

Ok I can add on to this now that I finished something. So necrosis is caused from the circulation being cut off from a body part leading to it dying. That is what causes the black coloration and missing toe tips on the front foot. There is no fixing those. As for the other stick shed, that is treatable. Besides for raising humidity, get a couple of paper towels and soak them with warm ish water. Put them in a container and put him in the container with a lid (and air holes). After about 15 minutes, try to use a Q-tip and gentle try to remove the shed. I would say that a vet visit is going to be the best as they can show you how you can help properly.

@foxreptile @ghoulishcresties You guys can probably help a bit more


You need to get up your humidity as said.
Try and get the shed off, he/she may loose some claws due to this. I have a girl here I got from someone as a baby, and she was a really bad shedder with many stuck layers on toes like your baby. Shes now perfect but a couple claws missing.

Put some wet kitchen towel into a tub and put the little guy in there for a bit. 10 minutes should be fine. Then gently rub toes to try get shed off.

You may have to do this a few times over next week to get the layers off.


I agree with above, grab a tub to make a humidity box


Yeah, that’ll need a vet’s attention, I’m afraid.

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I’m not sure how well you can tell but I was able to get the shed off enough so that he can separate all his toes now. Not sure if the individual toes have any issues.


Yay! Glad you got it off. Just keep eye, all claws there? X


Yey, well done. Gecko looks much better :grin:
Hopefully the claws are okay too :crossed_fingers:

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