Stuck shed or something else?

Ridiculously stupid question I realize, but does this look like a stuck shed or something else?

I just acquired this asphalt male, when I got him it just looked like he had a bit of stuck shed on the small spot on his head. The previous owner said he had just shed recently. However after several 20-30 minute soaks no change in texture nor does it appear to be loosening.

As to how I soaked him I have and empty tub slot in my rack that I filled with enough water to cover a the bottom half of his body and waited until it was warm enough to start forming condensation on the sides. After soaking for about 30 ish minutes I took a washcloth and soaked in the warm tub water and gently rubbed it across the area.

I’ve never had a stuck shed on the head let alone one this stubborn. Am I missing something or is this just a ridiculous case of stuck shed?

That doesn’t look like stuck shed, just some dry scales. That happens sometimes when they have a less than ideal shed. It isn’t a big deal and should go away with his next shed.


My leopard clown has the same exact thing. It’s going away with each shed so you should be just fine. Just keep the environment stable when shedding

Thanks guys, appreciate it.

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