Stunning clutch just hatched... But what are they?

I have my thoughts about these guys but I’m curious about yours as well. Pairing was banana vanilla lesser leopard x pewter fire


very nice congrats!!


It is going to be difficult to say one is vanilla over fire as they look way to much alike.
top right looks to be pewter leopard fire or vanilla
top left??? banana pewter lesser?
far left??? need better pic
bottom left pewter vanilla or fire
bottom right: maybe cream lesser leopard???

these are best guesses.


Wow, what a gorgeous and diverse clutch!


My thoughts:
Ok at a bare minimum the top and bottom snakes on the far right have leopard, lesser, and pastel. Top looks to have cinnamon as well. One or the other (or both) probably has fire or vanilla. I don’t believe either are creams.
Top left looks to me like a banana lesser pewter +(fire or vanilla)
Middle bottom is a pewter fire/vanilla
I agree with @wreckroomsnakes that the far left one needs a better photo.
Great clutch overall

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