Stunted Beardie advice?

I’m really not sure what to do…or if I even need to do anything
There may not even be a problem! I just am nervous and want to get other opinions!

If there IS a problem here…I need advice on how to fix it or go forward.

We have 2 beardies, both girls and both fairly young. We previously had a male beardie.
Lucia, hatched in December 2022 and weighs 94g
Khali, hatched in August 2022 and weighs 98g
Ludo, hatched in August 2022 and weighs 300g

The breeder we got Khali from says they had her from 2 months until now, and primarily fed her greens about 3 days a week, and Dubias 4 days a week.

Lucia is 6 months old ish.
Khali is 10 months old…and they weigh the exact same size. In fact, Khali is smaller than Lucia.

It can’t be right that Lucia and Khali weigh 1/3rd of the weight of Ludo who is the same age as Lucia.

Lucia won’t touch greens. Doesn’t matter what kind I try. Wont even look at them. She doesn’t even really eat as much bugs as I keep seeing suggested.

SO what can I do…to work with these two? Or are they fine and im over-worried?


Have you been giving supplements other than calcium when feeding? You said the one girl won’t eat veggies, so she’ll be missing out on some fresh vitamins the others have.

Otherwise, sometimes animals will just vary in size. Especially if they’re from different pairings… But sometimes when they have rougher starts.
I have 2 sibling ball pythons from the same clutch. The smallest one is 1/2-1/3rd the size of her siblings. She just hatched smaller and took a long time to get eating on her own.

As long as they all look and act healthy, I wouldn’t put too much thought into it.
If you are really worried though, you can always have a fecal test or general deworming for them done just in case as occasionally feeder insects like crix can carry pinworms.
Also, if you have a way to test the uv output for your bulbs, make sure that it is enough. Otherwise I recommend changing them out every 9-12 months


I give Lucia calcium and multi-vitamins since she wont touch greens, but I still offer them daily!

I’ve only just gotten Khali today, so I haven’t fed her yet! I’m not sure if she’ ever had crickets or calcium. Talking to the breeder, it seems like she’s only been eating primarily collard and mustard greens and dubias!

We have a vet appt set up next week, but I’m just trying to gauge whether its something to worry about or not! She’s watchful and alert, but it just felt so odd that everywhere I read says around this age they should be 300-ish and theyre barely breaking 100 :sob:

Their UV is good! We use a solarmeter and it reads around 3.4 ish on their basking spot!