Stunted growth in ball pythons?

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone has any information about stunted growth in ball pythons…here’s s little back story…my snake guy told me about a normal ball that was given to him/surrendered to him. It’s a 14 year old male who was a classroom pet and he spent his 14 years in a 10 gallon that only included a water bowl and feces covered tan carpeting. He is very beautiful and in great health, but very small. I’ll include a picture…I’m curious if he would be capable at this age of having a growth spurt with a serious habitat upgrade, life enrichment and better husbandry. Or will he just possibly gain girth and not length? I’m not concerned with growing him bigger for my own benefit, it would just be nice to know he can/see him reach his full potential. Especially after being a classroom pet and sadly spending 14 years teaching countless children this how you take care of a snake. Yes, I did bring him home, I couldn’t resist. So here’s Fritz, any input would be soooo welcome!#!!


Since it is a male it is actually a good size considering the pictures.

Males are different than females when it comes to size they are shorter and leaner.

I’ll have to get some pictures of him stretched out, he’s pretty small. To me. I definitely realize theres a size difference in males and females for sure, but for 14 i just feel like he should bigger. Especially knowing he lived in a 10 gallon, it might have my mind tricked into seeing him as small. He has pretty good sized spurs for sure lol. My mom didn’t know they had them and was like ewe what’s that!?! She’s in her 60s and just now finally opening up to snakes. It’s cute.

Does anyone else think he seems small or is he actually a good/correct size? I guess I’m just used to seeing larger males of my friends, mine are all still sub adults or juveniles, except this guy so going on his past I’m just not sure if he’s maxed out or the 14 years in a 10 gallon held him back. And if at 14 he could continue to grow now that he’s been upgraded.

How much does your boy weight? He looks a touch small nothing I’d call stunted.

The girl I have in the pic I stole from a party. She was supposed to be 8 years old and well under 400 grams in size. Sitting in a 10gal with an old can of cat food for a water bowl, no heat, and a snake crap and old news paper cake for bedding. Dude couldnt even be bothered to clean the cage, just topped soiled news paper with new news papper. In the year I’ve had her she’s more than tripled in size and I dont feed her any different than any of my other girls. Leads me to think, I dont know that balls growth can be stunted.

If you feed him he will grow lol

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From that angle he is slightly thin, nothing that a regular feeding schedule won’t fix.

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Wow, I’m glad you stole her, sometimes a “bad” thing is really for the good. What’s wrong with people keeping animals like that? I have not gotten a weight on him yet, I really need to asap. I’m guessing him around 500 ish but I do need to get a weight. The more I’m handling him the better I’m feeling about him really. Just the initial impression was small but he’s really healthy and strong…like you said…if you feed it, it will grow lol.

He may have reached his potential. He looks great. Just keep feeding him. As long as he is healthy that’s all that really matters. He really looks great to me. Congrats!

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