Stunted Growth

Do snakes that aren’t given enough nutrition or are sick young or are very picky eaters, Do they grow differently?
I know this seems like an odd question. The 5th and 6th snake I got were bought together they were both under fed and after getting them home and noticing one had a yawn. She went through a sickness of RI that she has since fully recovered from and is still on the road to gaining some needed weight but doing well. The weight she is gaining is making her look like a blood python/ fatty for lack of better example and the other snake who is 3-4 X’s her size now, grew in the same manner and now looks more symmetrical to her body. I’d show a picture but I just had her out and am not huge on pictures. It’s just something I noticed in both of them they just seemed to grow fatter before any longer like all my “healthy” snakes.

Over the years I’ve taken in several that have been underfed and pretty seriously underweight, however I’ve always found them to gain weight and grow pretty proportionally when put on a normal feeding schedule. Have you put them on a regular “slow grow” feeding routine or are you power feeding them to try and get them to catch up?

Once a week, pups then weaned once they are around 400g. If anything and I’ve thought about this. I haven’t had any true hatchlings but for the few I’ve purchased I’ve started on pups. I weigh out the smaller pups for the 90-150 range for the young ones but I start on pups not fuzzys. I’ve moved away from mice at all unless I need to use them. You think this is too fatty too early? I’ve really only noticed the thickness in these two.

That sounds very similar to what I do, so I don’t think it’s from that. It’s an interesting observation

Yeah it’s probably nothing,. But I’ve wondered how much things like this would affect them in their adult life and if breeding them would add extra unneeded stress to them or other unfit snakes.

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