Substrate/bottom of enclosure

I’m getting my first ever leopard gecko soon so I figured I’d reach out here since many of you have experience! I currently have a liner (forget the brand) in my tank which should work for a few months while I get to know the basics of gecko care! But I’m not the biggest fan of how it looks so I’d eventually like to be able to start using something else but Ive heard a lot of mixed messages on what and what not to use. So what types of substrates have been working for all of you? Thank you in advance!!

I prefer to use repti-carpet, just don’t use any kind of sand, even the “edible” sand because they can cause impaction which can be lethal.

Ahh yes!! Forgot to mention that i already knew sand was a no, my bad!!

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I personally use this for my leopard gecko. It’s pretty easy to clean and isn’t the worst aesthetically. It’s also super easy to cut to size.

When I first got him, I used repti-carpet, but found it to be very difficult to keep it looking nice because he would constantly knock over his calcium powder and that stuff likes to stick!

I’ve heard of people using linoleum/vinyl tiles because they’re easy to clean and don’t melt from the UTH. I /think/ you can use shale or ceramic tile like in a bearded dragon setup, but it is more difficult to fit. I’ve also seen people use eco-earth so that they can burrow and dig, but it can be exceptionally messy!

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Thanks so much!!


If you choose a baby gecko, prefer always the paper towel, it will be more easy to clean.

Whe your baby grow up, u can choose one other kind of carpet, I saw some brands specific to reptiles in EUA, choose one that will be more beutiful with your terrarium.

Avoid any kind of sands, they can be harzards due the impaction in your animal. For adult geckos, the risk is less then juvenils but even that, it may exhist.

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I stick to paper towel, generally.