Substrate for Leo Missing a Front Leg?

Hi all, first time posting in the community.
I took in a rescue leo baby (11g) who had it’s front right leg bitten off while cohabbing. I currently have it in a QT tub with paper towel, but was curious to get opinions on alternative substrate options, since the little guy does “walk” on it’s nub, I want to make sure it is as comfortable for them as possible.

I will try to post a picture or small video for everyone, if that will help with suggestions.

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Back when I was doing rescue, I’ve worked with a number of lizards with a missing or disabled front limb. I find that while the injury is healing, it is important to use paper towels or another flat, solid piece substrate so nothing sticks to the wound. However, once healing is complete, three-limbed lizards do not seem to have a problem with any substrate that is appropriate for normal members of their species. I personally do not like using granular substrates with Leopard Geckos, so I would keep the little guy on paper towel for life.


I agree with @westridge that paper towel for life is the way to go with this gecko in particular. I’d use a few extra layers too, to cushion and slow the development of arthritis.


you could also add a layer of reptile carpet beneath the paper towels too, that should add a nice little cushion!

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Wonderful, thank you! His nub is fully healed, but I love the idea of giving him some extra cushion.

Thank you everyone for your input and kind words!


Good to hear he is doing well! :grinning: