Substrate Mixing an Option?

Hello! I currently have a Kingsnake in quarantine and am building her new home. I was wondering if having different substrates in the same enclosure is a thing that can be done.

I’m making it into a bioactive enclosure, and know the kings like to burrow so I was thinking about having space that was soil for plants and having other areas that were something else though I’m not sure as of this moment. The only thing I can think of thats close to what I’m talking about is what people for for hamsters.

Is this a possibility, or should I just stick with one substrate? Thank you!


Welcome to the discussion board! I know little about bioactive setups, but I do know that it would be pretty easy to have a large container “pool” of a clean, burrowing substrate like aspen, maybe even multiple pools in different temp zones.

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Yeah can be done, we have an MBK.

Coco fibre, some spag moss, even a little sand, orchid back. We mix alsorts together xx


Don’t really see any issues with it.

Worth noting though that the main issue wrt doing so for hamsters is they really mess up the place when digging, which is why a lot of people contain the additional substrates in separate containers (especially sand). Our colubrids aren’t quite as bad with their aspen, but I wouldn’t count on having two strictly delineated areas of subtrate. The problem is mostly aesthetic, but that can still be enough to drive people mad.