Substrate recipe

So I know serpa has a video on his mix of top soil play sand and moss and something else. My question is what brand of top soil has anyone used for a substrate mix. Want to make my own.

It not as much about the brand than it is making sure that there are NO additive such as miracle grow.

As for receipt I use 4 parts soil - 2 coco coir - 1 part sand - 1/2 part leaf litter

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What soil though? That would help me know which is good to use.

Potting soil or top soil again no specific brand just making sure there are NO ADDITIVE

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I one thousand percent agree. Saw someone on another forum use miracle grow substrate for their bp. Long story short they all died.

Ok I purchased a organic top soil Kellogg brand but now looking at the back it says all organic with added fertilizer bat guano poultry manure and kelp meal anyone know if these are bad?

All forms of fertilizer are bad and toxic. It is literally poop and decomposing plant matter (guano and manure are 2 fancy words for poop). It would be like leaving the snakes poop in the cage all the time. You just need plain top soil with nothing added.

Thank you for the fast response. Didn’t read the bag till I got home. Time to head back to Home Depot.