Sudden Beardie Brumation

In the 3.5 years I’ve had my Bearded Dragon he has never brumated. Well lately seems like he’s decided to do that. I know its normal for BD’s to brumate and as long as husbsndry is good and you keep an eye on weight all should be good. Is it normal for them to never do it and suddenly start? He woke up and hit his basking lamp this wknd so I fed him a few dubias and gave him a nice warm soak to ensure he’s staying hydrated. Just found it weird that after all these years he decided to brumate. Any of your beardies suddenly decide it was extended sleepy time?

It usually depends on the temperature. If the outside temperature drops then the heat that the beardie actually receives might be less. He also might have still been growing and/or didn’t have large enough fat stores before so he didn’t brumate. You might have to feed him some higher fat foods for a while but he should be good.