Sudden Carpet Python Passing - Out of the BLUE

Hello Everyone! New to MorphMarket , but DEFINITELY NOT NEW TO Reptiles!!! My name is Greg and I am hoping someone can help me understand an issue I had. So, I had a beautiful male Jungle Jaguar that was recently aquired. Very reputable breeder and believe me, I followed every single protocol. This animal was in a PVC custom enclosure and had ZERO neuro and no issues. First 60 days quarantine were a dream!! Then I put him in his new enclosure and had another perfect 45 days. Hot side was 90 to 92-93. Cool side was 77 to 80. NO FAIL!! HUMIDITY IN ROOM AT 45 and the cage would see 50 during a shed and a light spraying. Spot cleaned M W F like clock work. He was perfect!!! Then 21 days ago he refused food. Then again 14 days ago and lastly 7 days ago. In that time 1 poop that was 100% normal. Today I went to feed him and he was acting odd. Lazy. Uncoordinated. Then the strangest thing… he struck at food item and was like normal. Missed item and recoiled and struck again but got crock dish. Struck 3rd time and then there was a thrashing I have never seen before. Then he went haywire. Next thing I know is he is gasping and thrashing and within minutes he was acting almost dead. There was a small amount of blood out of one nostrile. HE DID NOT have any breathing issues prior. Quiet breaths. Next thing I notice is VERY GREEN POOP come out of him, then normal poop. Then he got really limp and Boom… dead still and no body cinching like most do. I held him and we did some movements for about 5 minutes and then nothing more.
Is it possible be broke his neck in those strikes?
Is it possible he had a severe infection and I just happened to witness the last 45 minutes if his life?
Everything was 100%. Temps, water, feed, humidity and I am meticulous about my animals cages. Snake aspen and snake chip only. And that is changed out monthly. I basically go 28 to 30 days with rigorous spot cleanings in between. I have other animals and not 1 shows anything like what he did. Its like he broke his neck or something… yesterday I had him out and ZERO signs of anything wrong. Not even a bobble or shake. I’ve been doing reptiles since 92 and I’ve NEVER WITNESSED ANYTHING LIKE THIS. the rest of his poop was brown and white urates. Just that small 1 inch by 3/4 inch spinach green looking spot. Has anyone ever had a 100% snake die in less then an hour with no mouth rot signs, no infection signs, no impaction? He still is plump and healthy. There was no real weight loss to speak of.


Everything you’re describing sounds like a liver issue. The lazy & uncoordinated bit happens due to the toxins in the body causing brain swelling. The green poop is due to bile. Does he have any swellings at all?


If you plan on doing a necropsy to try and find a cause, call the vet now and do not freeze the body. It can ruin some of the results by causing damage from ice crystals.

The poop is very suspicious and I agree it can be a liver issue. Something he was possibly born with and just never diagnosed since they are so good at hiding issues. I had a leopard gecko for a similar way but the only reason we really knew was you could see the distension through her belly.

Another thing I would do is contact the breeder when you can. I know emotions right now are high so maybe give it a few days and let them know. I honestly don’t think they knew about the issue either, but I would want the feedback if it had been one of my animals I sold.

Regardless, I’m sorry for your loss! That’s definitely a traumatic thing to happen but it at least seems to have been quick.


Wow! What a horrifying experience! I am not knowledgeable enough to offer any advice but I am truly sorry for what you witnessed. He was a beautiful snake. This might sound a little strange to anyone except a snake lover, but at least he did not die alone in his enclosure. :cry::snake:


No swellings visible. We did find blood in his throat too. But I am leaning towards organ failure or one heck of a freak break neck strike. But the green poop strongly suggests parasite or organ failure.


We are taking him in AM. But a friend of the family is a vet in Cleburne TX, and he suggests that it was a defect masked. Been in contact with breeder and we both agree that it was 1 of 3 things. We will know exact thing tomorrow.
But right now it is assumed #1 - Organ failure genetic wise. #2 - Again organ failure but by Bad rat. #3 - he literally snapped his neck.
The only reason we suspect that was the bleeding in the nose and throat and his head is SERIOUSLY LOOSE and FLOPPY!!!


UPDATE FOR EVERYONE - OFFICIAL CAUSE OF DEATH: ORGAN FAILURE. VET assumes 1 of only 2 causes. Genetics or his 2nd to last feeding was seriously spoiled inside. Vet stated that snakes will scent that, so he feels I got a 1 in 100 genetic Jag failure at onset of sexual maturity. Basically a 90% gene thing.

Vet said Jag to Jag high genetic ratio is BAD in market right now.

All I know is my other 2 are super strong still and my white lipped are just crushing it. So at least I can rule out Husbandry!!


The lazy and uncoordinated bit happens because it’s a jag and has a neurological disorder brought on by the delayed development associated with the jag gene… Please don’t make all the jag owners out there think their snakes have liver issues.

Nope, you’re wrong. You’re the only one making jag owners think there is something wrong with their animals, since not all jags experience neuro issues.

As OP said, that behaviour was not usual for their animal, so it means it had nothing to do with the jag gene. Not only that, but I was replying based on the symptoms OP described which all pointed to organ issues, specifically liver, not generalizing all animals with these genes. Necropsy results confirmed organ failure, which was the likely cause of the behavioural change.

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