Suggested Breeders?

Oh ok thank you, I’m looking to buy my first snake online. Do you have any suggested breader?

Check out the buying section on
for some good advice to get started. So far I’ve purchased from 8 different breeders on Morph Market and haven’t had a problem yet following the general advice there.

Also if you’re a first-time keeper, consider also asking how willing they are to help you if you have questions on husbandry etc. Some breeders might not have the ability to give you the level of support you might need, and sorting that out before making a purchase will go a long way.

Good luck!


@dlwise710@neeewt is right, we have some articles that will give you a lot of info on how to buy and how to choose a breeder.

Regarding recommendations, MorphMarket doesn’t specifically recommend certain breeders. And we don’t allow posts promoting or deriding certain breeders on this forum either, because that’s opens up all kinds of problems. We provide this kind of info through ratings on MorphMarket by people who actually purchased from those sellers.

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Kenyan sand boas!!! If you need breeder names I can help. Just PM me

I’ve bought several corns from MorphMarket. And there is one amazing breeder that stands out but have had many different good experiences from others as well. Feel free to PM me as well.