Suggestion - Automatically populated market value based on current averages [3175]

I’m not sure if this has been discussed before but I think a useful feature would be for MM to automatically calculate market value of a given animal based upon current averages. This would dynamically change and fluctuate with the market. This would be an efficient way to quickly and accurately assess the current value of your collection and aid in individual pricing. The same data could be used to build graphs and charts for market analysis etc. There would be some hurdles such as false data, incorrectly IDed/labeled animals etc, but if that could be overcome it could be a very powerful tool and I wouldn’t think it’d be terribly difficult to implement.


Sounds like it could be a good idea. I am just hesitant with anything other then the people coming up with the market average. In reality it should be quite similar, if you take everything and average it out. Just seems like we might be taking away human perception out of the equation. Example: yes it’s just a Mojave, but the quality is A++ and that’s why it’s priced higher. Explaining things like that to customers if it’s out of the market average. Don’t know, I am probably just overthinking it, I still don’t really always trust the machines!
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I think that would be unpossible to do reliably on multi-gene combos. A CG leopard clown might be worth $2000. With pastel it might be $1500. WIth Cypress it might be $3500. With Stranger it might be worth $20000. But that combo has not yet been made and the number of Stranger Clowns isn’t sufficient to set a reliable average. And its difficult to average out the value of a specific morph in a specific combo unless there are enough of a particular listing to discern the additional value of each morph.

But if someone comes up with that I hope they set the value of pos het to $0 :smiley:


Sounds like a cool idea that less experienced sellers could use as a tool. I think the issue that might arise from using MorphMarket averages is that it wouldn’t incorporate the rise/fall in values of certain animals over time. But if the time of reference was reduced, there wouldn’t be much data for uncommonly listed animals. Also, many of the species sold on MorphMarket don’t have their own, species-specific section. (The animals sold in the ‘Other Species’ sections.)


You guys are on fire with the suggestions today.

The funny thing is, this is all John was trying to do in the beginning. Work out market value of each trait… One thing led to another and the power puff girls were MorphMarket was born.

This is a super complex topic that needs a lot of work and thought going into it.

Its great to hear everyone else’s thought, keep going!!


I would see this potential feature as more of a guide than anything else. “Estimated market value”.

For example, take all sold lavender albinos (no other genes) for the year of 2022 and get an average selling price. That would be the estimated market value for that year. It would be pretty neat to see the price fluctuation throughout the years for each given mutation. That would make for some interesting market analysis. There have been some anomalies, like DG, that went down and back up in price. Also spotnose after JKR proved it was valuable in clown. I’m picturing a graph where we could visualize it like we do with stocks etc.

Each mutation combination would calculate it’s own value. So if something less desirable is in the mix, like spider or pastel (ahem, in some combination, love me some pastel!), it would account for that as well. It could also account for variations between babies, sub-adults, and adults of a given combo.

It could be as simple as averaging all sold animals for that combo. Or it could use current unsold listings… or some combination of the two.

I’m sure there would be some animals that do not fall into specific mutation catagories but the vast majority on MM do.

I was thinking about getting an updated value on my collection recently. I have my entire collection on MM and it automatically adds up the value for a total collection value, but this is based upon the numbers I manually insert. The market has changed since I inputted those values and I was thinking about going back and updating them for an accurate assessment of the value of my collection. I think it would be really cool if MM did this automatically so I didn’t have to go back every couple of years to update current values. As my collection grows that’s going to be too time consuming. Having that data would also be very helpful in setting prices.


Maybe instead of Market Price you could do something like “animals with these genetic combos ranged in price from X to Y over the last Z months/years”