Suggestions for a 3ft x 3ft x 1.5ft arboreal vivarium

Hi all, I just thought I’d get some input form people who aren’t immediately in my vicinity and might have ideas I haven’t thought of.

Long story short, I have a 3ft long by 3ft high by 1.5-2ft (can’t remember exactly) deep wooden arboreal vivarium that is currently set up with ceramic heating, a branch perch (stretches across the length of the viv), a corner shelf on the upper cool end, and hides on the ground (obviously some configuration can be changed quite a bit).

At the moment, it’s being used to house a snake that I’ve been fostering - a 6 year old jag jungle who came in to my work very underweight, and while she’s fairly long (probably just under 6ft), she’s still quite slender even after getting back up to a much better body condition (which I know isn’t super uncommon).

She’s technically ready to go on to a permanent home now, though I’m not sure how long it will take due to the fact that we’re seeking a pet-only home for her because she’s been through a lot health-wise and also has pretty severe corkscrew (though thankfully she climbs and eats well). Add to this the fact that she has all the lack of coordination you’d expect from a pretty severe jag wobble while still being a very inquisitive, active carpet, and she’s quite a handful.

I’ve had some coworkers think I ought to hang onto her myself, and I do quite like her because she’s very cute and has some real personality, even if her physical issues make her cumbersome at times. However, it would also be nice for her to be able to be in a larger viv than I currently have (at least wrt arboreals) - she does well enough in this one but I know if given access she’d love the extra space.

Basically, I’m still weighing it out, and in the meantime, I’ve been trying to figure out if there are any species that could do well long-term in a viv this size that might appeal to me. I’m pretty much exclusively drawn to snakes at this time, and thanks to work have a pretty wide range of experience, though not as much with arboreal/semi-arboreal species that aren’t jungle, coastal, bredl’s, or carpet mixes. At the moment, what I do keep apart from the aforementioned fostered jungle carpet is a blood python (P. brongersmai - just about 7 months), a young BCI (a rescue, estimated at just under a year), and two other fostered BCIs (a 4 year old male and a female probably 5-7 years old). I also grew up with a variety of North American rats back when I lived in the US, but I don’t see them much here in the UK.

Apart from the viv size and greatly preferring snakes, I think the only thing I’ve really got is that I’m not really looking at GTP or ATBs at the moment - they’re gorgeous snakes, but I don’t know that it’s something I want to try yet.


What about Sanzinia? I don’t know a whole lot about them, but I know GS Reptiles has some care guides.

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