Suggestions on what morph to breed?

hello so I have a male tiger retic and was wondering in your guys opinion what would be a good morph to breed him to?? please any help would be awesome

Platinum Phantom Sunfire, they are some of the most clean animals when you add the Tiger. Not the most colorful, if you want that I would say Sunfire Goldenchild. I would always add Sunfire because it brings out the reds, and oranges.

In all honesty, nothing.

I’d recommend just starting from scratch, you’ll have to go through the trouble of raising a female up or acquiring a fully mature female, might as well get a male with good breeding potential while you’re at it.

Super Dwarf projects are promising, they cost much less to maintain, take up less space, you/ll be able to sell/rehome them much easier, the demand for even just a normal 50% SD from a small bloodline is quite high. I’d recommend purchasing a 50%+ SD het albino female from a small bloodline and putting some age on her while waiting for the right male.

Or better yet a 50%+SD phantom female


But to my other comment I agree with the fact that maybe you should just see if you can handle owning and acquiring two fully adults before you really try to breed anything


I would have to agree with @partysnake13.
Just a single gene tiger really doesn’t bring much to the table. You would need a female with great genetics to even make the trouble worth it for your first clutch. And with so many breeders, large and small producing so many tigers each year, you’d have to produce something very nice to make it worth while.

That being said, find a morph that you enjoy. I see so many people ask for advice on pairings, when really you should research and work with what appeals to you. Chances are you won’t sell the hatchlings fast, so you want to make sure there is genetics in there you like to see and work with everyday.

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And @lumpy makes a good point.
Caring for a male retic is relatively simple. You bring a mainland female into the picture, now you could possibly have a 16+ foot snake in about 5 years. Make sure you have the room for a snake that size and that you can accommodate feeding them.
And if you handle your snakes alone, like I do, I wouldn’t recommend a mainland female. Unless you’re very confident in your handling abilities.

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Not to mention, these are not like ball pythons, we don’t exactly have responsible people lining up to adopt normals & single base gene dominate animals.

There are many species out there that are great to breed just for fun at & a financial loss, but in my opinion Mainland Retics are not one of them.