Suggestions to pair with my male super pastel calico HGW

Want to breed him this coming winter! Thinking some killerbee projects, work in some pinstripe or lesser genes. What do you guys think? what project would you start with him?


I thought mixing HGW and spider was lethal, or at least made the hatchlings have really bad wobble so I would stay away from spider if I were you. Maybe get a fire mojave pintripe to pair with him? You could also throw some GHI in there to see what combos you could make. Maybe even try HRA.


hmm interesting i definitley have to do more research on the lethal combos! thanks for the feedback fire mojave sound bangin

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I believe there are spider hgw out there but I don’t think I would attempt it myself. Hgw goes great with lesser. Soul sucker is my favorite two gene combo. Mojave pairs well with it as well. Adding yellowbelly would give you inferno combos as well.

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