Sunset + Sunset = pos sunset?

If the parents is both hog island sunset
Sunset +sunset. How come the litter be only pos sunset and not super sunset.
Can some one explain i for me ?
Best regard Bigjim sweden

I think its just that sunset isn’t a natural morph of hog island it’s a mix of a hypo bci and a hog island hogs are kind of a natural hypo already but It’s all about the percentage of hog blood I don’t think you can get a real super sunset or het/pos het sunset but that’s my loose understanding I’m not too sure

Going off memory from the mid 2000’s here but I believe the originators wanted a certain ratio of hog island blood with the hypo variants being the “sunsets”. The super aspect of the genes relates to the single gene mutation (hypomelanism), when the animal receives two alleles of the mutation, making it “homozygous”, it is sometimes termed as a super. The “super” label often applies (or at least used to) to mutations that have a differing visual form between heterozygous (1 allele) and homozygous (2 alleles) forms. With hypomelanism in boas it’s not obviously apparent. I dont think the “sunset” label required the animal to be a proven homozygous hypo, just a certain percentage of Hog Island blood. Unless I’m wrong about the hypomelanistic homozygous (aka “super”) requirement I’m not sure why one would label a sunset x sunset offspring as “possible sunset”.

A sunset should be a super hypo 75% of more hog island. If you breed 2 together, you get all sunsets. If they are labeled possible, then one or more of the parents were either a hypo hog, or the seller does not understand the genetics.