Super Ball pythons, known issues/proper husbandry

Hello, I have intrigued by the Super Ball but wanted to see if anyone that already owns one can provide feedback on any issues they may have long term wise? Health concerns, do they require a hybrid form of husbandry? I am considering getting one down the road but would like to learn more about them and correct husbandry for them. Thank you


Glad you asked this question. I’m interested to see what feedback you get……. I’m curious myself……

I don’t own one but hybrids are one of my favorite things so I do a lot of research on them just for fun.

From everything I have seen, they do perfectly fine with really the only modification to husbandry is keeping the warm end on the cooler side of what many ball pythons are kept at (86 degrees seem to be the sweet spot) and try keeping the humidity at a constant 60-65%, except when in shed, without letting it fluctuate down as much as humanly possible. The only other issues I have seen, albeit only once, is there may be trouble trying to get it to breed.

I have seen people keeping them exclusively like a STP and exclusively like a ball and both seem to work fine and the animals still were thriving. I just personally feel that from all the research I have done on them, that keeping them with care in between does seem to be the most successful way to keep them healthy and happy.

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This is actually one of the directions i plan to go eventually with my bloods. But want to get my feet wet with a clutch or 2 of just bloods first. Just need to find the right brongersmai male for my 2 girls.

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